Dates: 3 – 10 December 2019 - LIMITED PLACES LEFT

In 1975, there were no elephants left in Akagera National Park when it was decided to translocate 26 orphans of an elephant cull elsewhere in Rwanda to the park. These young orphans, the oldest no more than 8 years of age, learned how to be elephants in the absence of any older elephants to teach them how. The Akagera Elephant Project will, for the first time, assess the current population of elephants in the park, which now numbers about 100 animals. We will also be investigating the behaviour of these elephants, with direct conservation implications for the increasing number of orphaned elephants across Africa as a result of the recent poaching crisis. Join elephant expert, Dr Tammie Matson, in Akagera National Park’s first elephant conservation project and actively participate not only in this research project but also in management activities by African Parks rangers, such as walking the park fence line to check for breaks. This is not your average safari, but is for those who are looking for the opportunity to get actively involved in conservation as part of their safari. You can do as little or as much as you like, but just by coming along you are enabling the Akagera Elephant Project to collect valuable data for the conservation of these elephants and providing support for African Parks in the management of the park.

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Photo credit: Sarah Hall, African Parks 

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