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Dr Tammie Matson personally leads 2-3 safaris every year to her favourite parts of Africa.  Joining one of these safaris is a special experience among like-minded people in small groups of 9-12 people, with your own personal zoologist on board!  Numbers are strictly limited so to join one of these journeys you need to sign up quickly.


Tammie’s Journeys
Tanzania Great Migration – 17-27 August 2019
Akagera Elephant Project, Rwanda – 3-10 December 2019
Gorillas and Savannahs Safari, Rwanda – 10-16 December 2019
Serengeti Green Season Safari – 23-30 May 2020
Botswana 10 night Wildlife Safari - 1-10 June 2020
Botswana 6 night Wildlife Safari – 10-16 June 2020
Akagera Elephant Project & Gorillas & Savannahs Safari – dates in Nov/Dec 2020 TBD


Dates: 17 or 20 - 27 August 2019 (7 or 10 day options) - SOLD OUT

In August 2019 Tammie will lead a conservation safari to 3 of Africa’s most famous wildlife areas, the Serengeti during the heart of the Great Migration, Ngorongoro Crater and Tarangire National Park. You will feel like you’re right in the middle of a David Attenborough documentary when the thousands of wildebeest sprint past you and dodge the crocs as they cross the Mara River! Experience the big cats up close including the rare sight of lions that climb trees. Learn about elephant behaviour in Tarangire as you drive through the baobab-dotted bushland. We’ll be staying at exclusive, luxury camps run by ethical operator Asilia Africa in Tanzania, ensuring your experience is exclusive, in the best areas to see the wildlife and gives back to the community and wildlife.

river crossing wildebeest reduced


Limited to 12 people plus Tammie (minimum of 8).

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Dates: 3 – 10 December 2019 - LIMITED PLACES LEFT

In 1975, there were no elephants left in Akagera National Park when it was decided to translocate 26 orphans of an elephant cull elsewhere in Rwanda to the park. These young orphans, the oldest no more than 8 years of age, learned how to be elephants in the absence of any older elephants to teach them how. The Akagera Elephant Project will, for the first time, assess the current population of elephants in the park, which now numbers about 100 animals. We will also be investigating the behaviour of these elephants, with direct conservation implications for the increasing number of orphaned elephants across Africa as a result of the recent poaching crisis. Join elephant expert, Dr Tammie Matson, in Akagera National Park’s first elephant conservation project and actively participate not only in this research project but also in management activities by African Parks rangers, such as walking the park fence line to check for breaks. This is not your average safari, but is for those who are looking for the opportunity to get actively involved in conservation as part of their safari. You can do as little or as much as you like, but just by coming along you are enabling the Akagera Elephant Project to collect valuable data for the conservation of these elephants and providing support for African Parks in the management of the park.

Read more about the project here.



Photo credit: Sarah Hall, African Parks 

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Dates: 10 December – 16 December 2019 - LIMITED PLACES LEFT

Nothing can prepare you for the awe-inspiring experience of trekking in the green heart of Africa to the endangered Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda. This incredible journey starts in Kigali and includes 3 nights in the Virunga Mountains plus two days gorilla trekking. As this is a low season journey, gorilla permits are 30% off which is a big saving! This is a journey that will touch your soul. It’s also one that gives back more than most safaris because each gorilla permit is a direct contribution to the future survival of the species. The second part of this safari is to the new Wilderness Safaris’ classic tented camp, Magashi, in northern Akagera National Park, where both lions and rhinos have been reintroduced by conservation organisation, African Parks. Akagera is Rwanda’s only ‘Big Five’ park and boasts a population of elephants, lots of hippos and Cape Buffaloes, in addition to common species like impalas and zebras. You’ll be supporting the management of this amazing conservation area just by visiting this very special park!

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Limited to 12 people plus Tammie. 

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Dates: 23-30 May 2020

Always wanted to go to the iconic Serengeti in Tanzania but can’t afford peak season prices or simply want to avoid the big crowds? Then this is the journey for you! The Serengeti is great for big cats and general wildlife all year round so if you’re not bothered about seeing the wildebeests crossing the river, you still have a chance to see the vast herds in central/eastern Serengeti as they migrate throughout this ecosystem and the excitement of seeing so many other species on the open plains and rocky outcrops. May brings green grass on the plains following the wet season and hopefully lots of baby animals will have entered the world in the months prior, making the cute factor on this safari extra high! This is also a great time of year for birding, with species coming to the area during the rains. An extra special treat on this safari is that the group has the chance to participate in the local cheetah research project while staying at the divine Namiri Plains Camp. We will also be staying at the Serengeti’s only all-female-run Dunia Camp, accessing a private and more exclusive part of the national park.

Serengeti Green Season Safari


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Dates: 1-10 June 2020 - LIMITED PLACES LEFT!

Botswana is on many people's bucket lists and for good reason!  The World Heritage Okavango Delta and surrounding habitats support a vast array of wildlife in some of the wildest areas you're likely to find in Africa (and with the benefit of fewer tourists!).  Botswana has the largest population of elephants in Africa and excellent populations of lions, hyaenas, antelope, hippos, African wild dogs, plus lots more.  Picture yourself in a scene from The Lion King?  This is it!  Tammie's safari in June 2020 encompasses 3 of the best wildlife areas in Botswana. We start at Makgadigadi National Park, where we will seek out the Great Zebra Migration, Africa's largest wildlife migration, headed for the Boteti River on which our safari camp, Meno a Kwena,  perches.  Here you'll also meet a family of San Bushmen and learn something of their traditional ways.  Then it's off to Sable Alley Camp  in Khwai Private Reserve, an area renowned for elephants, Cape Buffaloes, African wild dogs, lions and leopards.  Here you can sit back and watch the wildlife from an open game viewing vehicle, from camp overlooking the waterhole, or from the restful position of a mokoro (traditional dugout canoe) on the wetlands.  You also have the option to 'sleep out' in luxury at the extraordinary Skybeds  in this concession.  Finally, we explore the northern Okavango Delta, based at Mapula Lodge  on an island surrounded by glassy lagoons rich with wildlife.  More elephants! Basking hippos and crocodiles!  Birds galore!  This safari is something special in partnership with our friends at Natural Selection .  1% of all turnover from Natural Selection is allocated to conservation and community projects in the areas you'll visit.

Botswana Wildlife Safari


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Dates: 10-16 June 2020 - LIMITED PLACES LEFT!

A shorter but no less gob-smacking safari in wildlife-rich Botswana, Tammie will take up to 12 intrepid travellers through the Khwai Private Reserve and Okavango Delta over a period of 6 days. Experience the Big Five, the world’s largest elephant population, and see it all with the insights of your own private zoologist in an open vehicle or from the frogs-eye view of a mokoro traditional dugout canoe). This safari includes 3 nights at one of the Natural Selection’s newest luxury safari camps, The Jackal and Hide in an area renowned for some of the continent’s best game viewing, and 3 nights at Mapula Camp, surrounded by wetlands and wonder in the northern Okavango Delta. After this safari, if you are hoping to see more of this amazing region, we can arrange for you to explore other parts of Botswana, the World Heritage Victoria Falls, Namibia or Cape Town.

Botswana 9 Night Wildlife Safari


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