Family Safaris

We know from experience that families have different needs to the average safari go-er. Since having a family,  Andy and Tammie have been actively looking for and experiencing personally places in Africa that really excel at the whole family safari experience. And they’ve found some crackers!  Your kids will have the time of their lives learning how to track animals from local trackers and guides, discovering the names of the local animals and plants, going on game drives and swimming in the pool.  Kids absolutely love going on safari – the adventure, the open game drive vehicles, the wildlife and of course the local people.  For parents who are desperate for a break, these properties provide high quality baby sitters and the safety of your kids is assured so that you can make the most of that massage!

Suggested Family Safaris:

Assumes 2 children under age 12 sharing with 2 adults during low season

10 nights Big Five wildlife South Africa from US$10,000 

9 nights on the great plains of Kenya & Tanzania from US$20,000 

9 nights of desert dreaming in Namibia from US$7,500 

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